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Ventilated Bee Suit understands that protection from stings is paramount when handling bees. That’s why we provide a professional-grade ventilated bee suit that makes handling bees even easier in the summer. If you’re looking for the best bee suit for hot weather, this suit is designed to ensure maximum comfort during bee control operations when working in hot weather. We stock top-quality bee protection outfits that provide effective protection against stinging insects.

Our bee suit is not only lightweight but also breathable, allowing for proper air circulation. It’s equipped with elastic bands at the wrists and ankles to ensure a secure fit and prevent bees from entering. The suit’s durable veil also provides optimal visibility while shielding your face from potential stings. At, we understand the importance of safety and comfort in beekeeping, and our products reflect this commitment.

free bee gloves with bee suit

Top Quality and Great Value

When dealing with bees, you want the very best in bee protection wear. Whatever your need, we have a complete line of sting-proof bee suits in stock. Our ventilated protection suit features a durable and comfortable cotton/poly material with a unique 3-layered vented sting proof fabric that ensures total body protection.

Our ventilated bee suit also comes with:

  • Elastic leg and wrist openings
  • Ventilated helmet
  • Zipper end covers
  • Unobstructed view when handling bees
  • Free, durable leather gloves
  • Elastic cuffs to keep sleeves in place

All the materials are of the highest quality, ensuring reliable protection. Feel free to browse through our bee suits and jackets category.

We Have Your Size

Worried about size? has five sizes in stock: M (42-44 Chest), L (46-48 Chest), XL (50-52 Chest), 2XL (54-56 Chest), and 3XL (58-60 Chest). Select the right size by referring to our chart before buying. At just a bit more than our regular hooded bee suit, you get great value with our hooded, ventilated bee suit – making this the best bee suit for hot weather.

How to Select the Proper Size Bee Suit

Note: 2XL & 3XL are priced slightly higher.

We offer an affordable selection of bee suits and other protective products. Contact us today!

For approximate size measurements, please see the chart below:

bee suits cheap size chart


  • Weight: 9 lb
  • Width: 14 in
  • Depth: 9 in
  • Height: 14 in

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