Hypro D252GRGI Diaphragm Pump


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SKU: Hypro 9910 D252GRGI

Product Description

Hypro 9910-D252GRGI Dual Diaphragm Pump

Includes pressure regulator & gear reduction for engine shaft (e.g., Honda GX160 5.5 HP engine).


This pump is on backorder at Hypro.  Check out the AR252 which is the same pump by the same manufacturer.


Performance: 6 gpm, 290 psi, 2800 rpm max. rated speed.

Ports: 3/4″ HB inlet, 3/8″ HB outlet from pump, 5/8″ HB bypass outlet from regulator.

Shaft: 3/4″ hollow shaft output (gear reduced for gas engine), accepts 3/4″ solid shaft.

Includes control unit (9910-Kit1990) Oil-level sight glass.


Pumps that have been installed are NOT eligible for return, refund or exchange. We do this to ensure all our customers receive pumps in brand-new, pristine condition.



  • Weight: 16 lb
  • Width: 18 in
  • Depth: 18 in
  • Height: 18 in

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