Birchmeier Granomax Spreader 11893001


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Birchmeier  11893001 Granomax 5 Spreader


Granomax 5 Spreader is a granular spreader made by Birchmeier in Switzerland.

The Granomax 5 Spreader system is bag with an adjustable strap that is carried over the shoulder.

Granulated products come out of the spreader head allowing for an even distribution.  Application rate is adjustable.

The Granomax 5 Spreader bag can hold close to 11 pounds of fertilizer or 18 pounds of ice melt. The overall system makes it simple to deliver applications of pest control, weed control, fertilizer, seeds, sand, ice melt or rock salt.

The Granomax 5 Spreader is great for spot treatments where push spreaders cannot reach.

It has 5 adjustments for precise granule release rate and a see-through connection funnel to monitor flow.



  • Granules up to 4 mm particle size can be distributed
  • 5-stage control allows an accurate granule flow rate
  • Dust proof 6.5 litres filling volume of the bag (approx. 11 lbs fertilizer / 17 lbs salt)
  • Large opening and zip closure
  • With easy lateral movements, width up to 6′ can be evenly covered with spreading material
  • The sophisticated design of the spread head allows even spreading in any situation
  • Easy adjustment of the spreading height due to a clever carrying system
  • Length of carrying strap adjustable for different body sizes
  • Connection funnel transparent to see granule flow
  • Trigger locking device for transportation




  • Weight: 6 lb
  • Width: 18 in
  • Depth: 4 in
  • Height: 6 in

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