B&G Foamer Tip 16200013


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Product Description

B&G Curved Foamer Tip 16200013


B&G Curved Replacement Tip for B&G Foamers

Steel tip in brass base



Use with Termite Foam (sold separately).

Protect your investment.  Get the B&G Security Rack.


Download B&G Versafoam HH Owner’s Manual

Download B&G Foam Application Manual


Trouble Shooting Tips:

On the B&G HH Versafoamer, there are two things that are important for it to work right.


1.  In the suction tube there two little bitty hole at the top- one on either side.  They must be open-this is where the air come from to get to the tip where the foam is made. If they are plugged or the tank is filled above these hole the foamer with not function properly.


2. There is a little mesh screen between the tip and the wand that must be there and unclogged to function.  This is where the foam is made.



  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Width: 6 in
  • Depth: 1 in
  • Height: 2 in

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