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Product Description

50-Gallon Gas-Powered Skid Mount Spray Rig

Model #: QES50 Gas

Safety, Reliability and Ease of Maintenance

Voted #1 Pest & Weed Gas Sprayer By Our Customers


5 Reasons Why Our Customers Love The QES50 Gas!

  1. Comes with industry’s ONLY 90-Day money back guarantee
  2. Versatile Pump sprays pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers!
  3. Raised reel for easy access & use every day
  4. Raised skid design makes it easy to keep your truck clean & professional looking
  5. Designed for ease of maintenance

General Description

diaphragm pump skid mount qspray

With its 50-gallon tank, Honda 5.5 HP Engine, AR252 Dual Diaphragm Pump, Cox Hose Reel, 300’ of 3/8” heavy-duty spray hose & Green Garde Spray Gun all on a heavy-duty frame, the QES100 is the most reliable, heavy-duty sprayer you’ll ever use.

Perfect For: most pest, landscape, termite, weed & deep root fertilizer applications.

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“In the past, we had always used gas sprayers. Now we use the QES50 for our general pest control work and we love it. It’s real workhorse. We use it 6 days a week in the blazing Arizona sun. The units are easy for our techs to operate, require little maintenance and have virtually zero problems. Highly recommended!”

– Arthur Mann, Lil Critters Pest Control,Phoenix AZ

Spray Rig Components



Honda GX160 5.5 HP Gas Engine

Why We Use This Engine: We use Honda because it is the best engine on the market, period. Every other brand is not as good. Hondas start on the first pull and with a little maintenance, will run for many, many years. We use the 5.5 HP COMMERCIAL GRADE engine. Beware other companies that substitute smaller engines or homeowner grade engines. This engine costs a bit more but:

(1) we have over-designed this sprayer to reduce problems & downtime, and
(2) because this is a popular engine, it is easy to find parts almost anywhere, so you are not wasting valuable time searching for parts.

A quick note about our raised motor mount. It costs a bit more to do it this way, but our motor mount makes it easy to change the engine oil without spilling it all over your truck and provides easy access to service the engine & pump. Most companies use a flat motor mount to save money. Their mount is so low, you can’t get a wrench under it. You will have to unbolt the sprayer and remove it from your truck in order to change the oil or service the pump!  We include a Drainzit Oil Change Hose, which makes changing the oil in your Honda a 2 minute job.  Regular oil changes extend engine life.  So please change your oil.

We also include an exhaust deflector to protect the operator by keeping the hot exhaust away from bare hands.



– Oil Alert, helps protect engine from damage
– Honda’s advanced technology offers:
– Fuel Savings
– Lower Emissions
– Standard Replacement Parts
– Exhaust Deflector for Technician Safety
– 2-Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty
– Heavy Duty Steel Motor Mount, Belts, Pulleys, Belt Guard
– Raised for easy access for oil changes, pump & motor servicing


AR252 Dual Diaphragm Pump with Control Unit & Gear Reduction

ar252-gr-gci3-4-pump-thumb.jpgWhy We Use This Pump: The AR252 Dual Diaphragm provides plenty of volume and good pressure. This diaphragm pump can handle a wide variety of materials: pesticides, herbicides, termiticides, 

fertilizers, miticides, fungicides, disinfectants, etc. 


– Max 6.5 GPM, 363 PSI
– Dual Diaphragms
– Durable anodized aluminum body
– Self-priming
– Rebuildable
– 1 Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty



50-Gallon Polyethylene Tank, Heavy-Duty


Why We Use This Tank: We plumb our tank from the bottom end to reduce the suction problems (and downtime) that eventually occurs with top-plumbed tanks. Plumbing from the top requires the use of a PVC tube, which exposes you to unnecessary risk. The plastic tube can clog starving your pump. Or it can break or crack causing your pump to suck air. Plumbing from the bottom eliminates these problems.


– Secured with Steel Bands
– Rugged, impact-resistant, one-piece seamless construction
– Bottom End Plumbed to reduce vapor lock & suction problems
– 3-Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty
– Anti-Siphon/Backflow Prevention Device
– Flexible Hose Extension to Side Rail
– Allows easy tank fill
– Hose extension reduces stretching & back strain



Cox 1125-4 Hose Reel, Manual Rewind

Why We Use This Reel: There are cheaper reels available, but we won’t use them. The raised reel design makes it easy to reach & operate the hose reel. The sprayer sits with the reel facing to the side, so you can park in the street where an accidental oil leak won’t stain a customer’s driveway. Cox reels need little maintenance other than occasionally changing the O-rings in the swivel. The swivel is positioned so you can swap out the O-rings in less than 5 minutes.


– Heavy-Duty Steel Construction
– Durable Proprietary “CPC” Powder Coat Process
– Adjustable Tension Brake to Prevent Backlash (manual reels only)
– Rebuildable Brass Swivel-easily accessible for maintenance
– 2-Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty
– Heavy-Duty Reel Lift – Virtually Indestructible
– 3/16 Steel Construction
– Reduces Technician Back Strain – No Bending Over
– Boosts Productivity
– Passenger Side Mount for Easy Access

– Optional Upgrades: Electric rewind hose reel, hose reel roller guides.


“Frontline has standardized our equipment, our choice was Quality Equipment and we have nearly 30 QES50s installed. The rig design minimizes real estate requirement in your truck. Rugged, durable design and easy serviceability have dramatically reduced equipment repairs and downtime. I would highly recommend their equipment to anyone requiring dependable products at a reasonable price”

– John Barnett, Associate Certified Entomologist, Frontline Pest Professionals

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3/8” Spray Hose – 300 Feet, 600 PSI

Why We Use This Hose: We use much higher quality hose than the pump requires because we want it to last and we don’t want you to have to worry about your spray hose.


– Heavy Duty, Chemical Resistant
– Quick Disconnect – for easy tool interchange
– Ball valve at hose end for emergency shut off – improves safety
– Chemical Resistant Viton seals
– Durable High Quality Stainless steel band clamp at hose
– Reduces Spills
– Reduces Technician injuries


Green Garde 38505 Spray Gun

Why We Use This Spray Gun: We like the Green Garde gun because it is more durable and takes abuse better than a lot of other spray guns. It is easily rebuildable with an o-ring kit. We do have other spray guns available if you prefer (additional charge may apply)


– Heavy Duty construction for reliable service
– Stainless steel valve stem and tip
– Aluminum body – durable & light weight
– Chemical Resistant Viton seals
– Adjustable Stream
– Rebuildable
– Quick disconnect allows you to easily remove gun to use a different gun or tool; as well as for security, storage and maintenance.



Filter/Line Strainer

Why We Use This Strainer: Checking the filter frequently is the easiest and most important thing you can do to reduce sprayer problems & extend equipment life. Unlike so many other company’s sprayers, our filter is easily accessible, even when the tank is full.


– Chemical Resistant Viton Gasket
– Stainless-Steel Screen
– Easily Accessible by Technician
– Brass Gate Valve allows checking in the field without emptying tank

Heavy Duty Quality-Designed Steel Frame


Why We Use This Frame: Many companies design sprayers to be cheap and easy to ship. Our sprayers are designed for ease of use, safety and easy maintenance. It is not worth saving a few dollars on the purchase price if the sprayer always needs service or if service takes forever because the components are difficult to access.

 Why The Raised Design Is Important: Most frames sit flat on the truck. Chemicals build up. Dirt collects. Our raised design allows you to keep this area clean and safe so you can project a professional image. You work hard to win & retain customers. Why take the chance of handing over a customer to a competitor because of filthy, smelly truck?


– 3/16″ Thick Steel – Virtually Indestructible
– Joints are welded top and bottom for extra strength
– All rig components easily accessible for maintenance
– Painted for durable finish
– Raised design allows for easy cleanout under frame, which improves truck cleanliness, appearance & safety



“We have purchased 30 of the Quality Equipment QES50 spray rigs. Our techs find them easy to use. As a company owner, I appreciate their reliability, their durability and the relative lack of maintenance required to keep them running. We recommend this sprayer and this company to anyone doing pest or weed control.”

– Dan Stevens, President, Evergreen Pest Solutions


About Our Pricing Philosophy

Our pricing is not the lowest on the market. So if you’re someone who shops by price only, we probably aren’t for you. But if you’re a savvy buyer – someone who understands that cost NOT price alone is the true sniff test for overall value – this should interest you… Our products are made with brass fittings & valves. Brass costs more but provides strength, reliability and durability and lowers risk of costly chemical leaks & spills! We stock ALL the repair parts and kits you are ever likely to need for this sprayer. Unnecessarily waiting for parts is the #1 silent profit-killer that impacts many operators. Our approach to is simple: Build a quality product and keep maintenance and repairs to a minimum. That way we help you maximize your operating time and productivity and most importantly – your profits!

And we back it up with our 90-Day GOLD Money Back Guarantee – the only one in the industry. 



The Company Behind Your QES50 Gas Sprayer Investment

  • In business since 1993
  • Staffed by industry professionals with 120 years of spray equipment experience
  • Track record of shipping 98% of parts orders the same or next day
  • Largest parts inventory in the industry
  • Only sprayer company that offers a 90-Day, Money-Back Guarantee 
  • If you are not happy with your QES50 Gas Sprayer, we’ll buy it back!

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  • Weight: 1 lb
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