225 Gallon Weed Spray Trailer with Boomless Nozzles

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SKU: 225 Gallon Weed Spray Trailer Boomless Nozzles

Product Description

Boomless sprayers like the 225-gallon weed spray trailer from QSpray.com are an ideal fit for landscaping operations. The professional-grade, over 200-gallon boomless sprayer covers more ground and does the job quickly. QSpray.com brings you a selection of custom-built power sprayers that feature efficient design and durable, heavy-duty components that ensure reduced downtime.

Heavy-Duty Sprayer Components

We stock a range of parts and components for the 225-Gallon weed control boomless sprayer. We know that downtime kills productivity, so we design our power spray rigs for maximum reliability, safety, and ease of maintenance. This sprayer features:

  • 225-Gallon Poly Tank
  • Honda 5.5 HP GX160 Commercial Grade Engine
  • Hypro 7560XL 8-Roller Pump
  • Raised Cox Electric Hose Reel with Roller Guides
  • 2 Boomless Nozzle Assemblies on adjustable arms
  • Controlled by Spraying Systems Electric valves & control box
  • Trailer & installation NOT included. Purchase a trailer locally and install these components.

QSpray.com will ship you 4 components on a boxed pallet: Tank, Pump/Motor Assembly, Hose Reel, and Boomless Nozzle Assembly. Unbolt the components from the pallet and bolt them to the vehicle. You will have to attach a number of hose connections. We include both hose and clamps, with an extra hose so you can create the optimal set up for your business by positioning the components exactly where you want them.

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Ready for a boost in productivity for your weed control operations? Get started with our great selection of weed control equipment. Request a quote for the 225-gallon boomless weed sprayer from QSpray.com.


  • Weight: 1 lb

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