200 Gallon Weed Trailer with Folding Boom

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SKU: 200 Gal Weed Trailer Folding Boom

Product Description

200 Gallon Weed Spray Trailer With Folding Boom


5.5 HP GX160 Commercial Grade Engine

3 Section Folding Boom with Electric Control Valves

Ordered by a large local municipality to spray weeds in City parks


This is a component mount sprayer.  All components bolt directly to the vehicle, which gives you a lot more flexibility and space efficiency.  There is no skid/frame.


Trailer & installation are NOT included.  It is not worth shipping a trailer.  Purchase a trailer locally and install this sprayer.  See details below.


We ship you components on a boxed pallet.   Everything is plumbed and ready for installation.   

You would unbolt the components from the pallet and bolt them to your vehicle. 

There will be a number of connections you will have to attach.  We include hose and clamps.  We include extra hose so you can position the components exactly where you want them, creating the optimal set up for your business.






  • Weight: 1 lb

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