200 Gallon Weed Trailer with Boomless Nozzles

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Product Description

200 Gallon Weed Trailer with Boomless Nozzles

  • This is a component-mount 200 gallon boomless sprayer.  All the components bolt directly to the vehicle, which gives you a lot more flexibility and space efficiency.  There is no skid/frame.200 Gallon Elliptical Tank (with sump to fully drain tank) for mounting on a single axle trailer
  • Honda 5.5 HP GX160 Commercial Grade Engine
  • Cox Reel Raised for Easy Access
  • 100′ 1/2″ Chemical Spray Hose
  • Dual boomless spray nozzles in this system controlled by electric valve (Note: operator manually selects left, right or both nozzles before starting)

This configuration was ordered by a state agency to spray weeds on gun range. The commercial-grade engine and all of the professional-quality components will provide you with dependable service.

Trailer Not Included

Trailer & installation are NOT included.  It is not worth shipping a trailer.  We recommend that you purchase a trailer locally and install this sprayer.  See details below.

Ready For Installation

We ship the components to you on a boxed pallet: Tank, Pump/Motor Assembly, Hose Reel, etc.  Everything is plumbed and ready for installation.   

Just unbolt the components from the pallet and bolt them to your vehicle, and connect a couple of hoses.  We include hose and clamps.  We include extra hose so you can position the components exactly where you want them, creating the optimal setup for your business.


  • Weight: 1 lb

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