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Extend the lifespan of your power sprayer system by keeping your lines and pumps clear.’s selection of high-quality line strainer / filter strainer components will get the job done right and keep you running at full efficiency. These parts fit into most power sprayers, whether you’re in weed control, pest control, or any similar line of work.

Don’t Let It Wait

Line strainers and filters naturally foul up over time. When that happens, they can begin to let contaminants into other parts of your system. They can also cause flow reductions. Either of these problems will cause other parts of your sprayer to wear out faster.

So, in addition to regular cleaning, make sure you replace these parts before they ever get bad enough to start costing you money. Prevention is key here, so don’t let it wait.

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Find high-quality power sprayer systems and all the replacement parts you need to keep them going strong at We stock trusted strainer brands like Hypro and Shurflo, so shop today.

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Hypro Filter Line Strainer


MSRP: $24.00 $22.99 - $41.99 $19.99 - $41.99


Shurflo 255-213 Filter (Out of Stock)


MSRP: $13.00 $13.00 $10.99