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We carry the Ace centrifugal pump, which provides durable, long-lasting high output. With this in mind, our Ace pump is well-suited to golf course, agricultural, and landscaping projects. Ace’s pump is an excellent solution for powering a large spray boom. Mounted on a light vehicle, the pump and spray boom can cover a large area fast with water or herbicide easily.

*Please note that this pump should not be run dry.

Pumps and Parts

Ace’s GE-660 centrifugal pump features a maximum flow rate of 110 GPM and a maximum pressure of 115 PSI. The pump can bolt directly to a 3/4 “ keyed shaft engine, such as the Honda GX160 5.5 HP. We also feature a stainless steel shaft sleeve with a Viton carbon ceramic seal.

In addition to this pump, we also have Ace pump parts that enhance the functionality of the product. We carry a ratchet valve with female pipe threads, which can be used to control the flow of liquid on a spray boom or boomless nozzle.    

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Ace GE-660 Centrifugal Pump, Coated


MSRP: $569.00 $569.00 $499.97


Ratchet Valve 3/4″


MSRP: $340.00 $360.00 $349.99