Birchmeier Adjustable Nozzle 28502598


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Product Description

Birchmeier Adjustable Nozzle 28502598


  • Made from solid durable brass
  • Fits all Birchmeier sprayers
  • Easily adjusts spray from hollow cone to stream

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For your next sprayer assembly, consider the Birchmeier Adjustable Nozzle. This nozzle makes it easy to twist and adjust from a hollow cone spray to a full jet spray. The nozzle is also designed to provide the optimal spray pattern for different pest and weed control applications. Also, see these other high-quality nozzles Adjustable Cone Nozzle 28502598 and Duro Mist Nozzle 28502324 we carry.

Our Experience

Our service center repairs and maintains thousands of sprayers each year. We know what components, parts, and designs work perfectly, and which ones cause problems. We use this knowledge to design high-quality sprayer parts and components for reputable brands like Birchmeier. Each part is designed to ensure smooth functionality and ease of maintenance.

To learn more about sprayer tips, check out the product video tab above.

High-Quality Parts

Thousands of pest and weed control professionals trust to deliver the equipment they require. Whether you need the Birchmeier Adjustable Nozzle for your backpack sprayer or other equipment, we bring you quality parts that are built for years of service.

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  • Weight: 0.25 lb
  • Width: 1 in
  • Depth: 2 in
  • Height: 1 in

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